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Sunday, May 19, 2013

What is a perfect smart phone?

After trying so many phones over the past 6 months, I came down to the following conclusions, or rather lessons. So that you do not need to spend time and money (restocking fee or early termination fee) to try yourself.

iPhone 5

Droid Razr Maxx (HD)

Samsung Galaxy Note II
 Samsung Galaxy S 4
 HTC One
 Nokia Lumia 928
Blackberry Z10

Above are the phones currently available in US market and I have tried in the past previous month. Hit the link for a review based on my real life experience using them as potential daily driver using my hard earned $$ (not some review unit received by tech websites for free)
Idea is the give you very personal advice on what phone to buy, not just another comparison of specs or bragging reviews because you get your gadget from the company for free.
Ok, let's get started.

Monday, May 6, 2013

How to change your system font on Galaxy Note 2

After a while, the looking gets old. You want to change the design a little bit, at least to stop your urge to buy another new phone in the market.

I get it. Totally. Because after trying the latest HTC -One, I really feel reluctant to look at my old Note II interface... even I can stand the 720p screen... TouchWiz just gets a little bit too old and dull, sometimes.

So one thing you can do, it is a minor change but really make you feel fresh, is to change the system font.

Hit the Google Play Store and download the app called: Fontomizer SP , After the installing the app, you can go to "Setting->Display->Font", then choose "Roboto Condense".

Bang! You end up with the same fonts with HTC-One, which is Roboto Condense.
On a daily basis, you will feel the difference

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Facebook New Year Delivery Page FAIL

You can apparently see other people's new year delivery message but manipulated the address below:


If you try change the ID to id=00008, which I found is the very first message of this New Year Eve delivery service. Could it be from a Facebook internal developer?

Please don't peek too much into others' personal message, I share this hoping Facebook will do a better job protecting their users' privacy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tip: Video Playing on top of everything

There are tons of video on youtube showing how cool the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is and I have absolutely no problem agreeing with them. It is a revolutionary tool for personal communication, even computing. The 3-week time with Galaxy Note 2 has been a fun and pleasant time. It is the first time that I feel no regrets in almost all aspect: Display/Battery Life/OS version/Application features - This is simply amazing. Here I just want to share one more tip that I did not find other folks covering yet. It is Video Playing over everything else:

See the picture above for yourself. 
First one is , well, a regular video play session. And when you click the button at the lower right corner, BAM! it takes you back to home screen, only with the video still playing on top of the screen. 

And if you are interested, you can even ... put the screen up playing video while you are playing Temple Run.... good luck with that run though. Video is still playing without any hiccups... thanks to the quad-core 1.6GHZ CPU and GPU support. 

Have fun with your new toy guys. Sammy definitely got this phone right =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cheap but high quality Droid DNA Case on EBay

Some great and cheap cases for Droid DNA on EBay. And they are SHIPPED FROM US, which means they will be at your door side in 3 business days!
Hit the link to get good savings on your Droid DNA Case
Here are some pictures if you need some more reasons

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Sim Card is not locked - - - Sort of

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 went live in Verizon on Nov 21st. And of course I have picked up one. After a couple of days of testing, I am extremely impressed by this "phablet". Maybe it is because I have big hands. I can handle it, literally. But There were always one doubt in my mind, comparing this phone against its same-father-different-month brother : HTC Droid DNA: Is it usable in China or other countries besides US? It can be a big down for me if it can't. I am tired of having two phones when traveling to those countries.

I have heard that it supports both GSM and CDMA. Many news online , if you google it, tells you that Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is sim-card locked. I still decided to give it a try.
And the result?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 is the No.1 Phablet on Verizon lineup. No doubts hands down

Well, probably not only Verizon's line-up, every major carriers best Phablet is Galaxy Note II. Period.

What is a Phablet? It is Phone + Tablet. It is 5.5 inch screen in size and the biggest size still under phone category, smallest size to be in tablet category.

If Droid DNA is no-doubt the top on large smart phone king on Verizon, Galaxy Note 2 is the Co-Champion on phone, if you are a big person.

That's no joke. There are two types of person in the world: Those who can handle a 5.5 inch phone and bring it to their ears for call or handle it using one hand. Those who can't.

If you are not close to 6-feet minimum in height, you probably consider Droid DNA as it's slick design will be able to please you in every angle, comfortably

If you are big person like I am, 6-feet tall and 190 lbs with big hands, you don't mind using a 5.5-inch which looks like an iPhone in my wife's hand. That's the ONE for you.

It is fast, it is powerful. It has 3100 mAH battery and has S-Pen and all fancy features from Samsung, the new rich kid in smartphone town who will spend their cash around to beat other kids who is on diet in terms of software development budget.

The TouchWiz on Notes 2 is chaos, but with millions of "surprises". I have to admit that most of the time you don't need those features, but from some rare occasions that you do, you can brag them with pride in front of your girl.

I personally will stick with Touchwiz for a while before I explore all the features packed in it, and make sure my 700 USD phone is well studied and utilized. But for another important reason, I guess the best battery life may come from its own stock launcher.

720p on Galaxy Note II is not too observable vs 1080p on Droid DNA. SO you can really be assured that you will still be amazed by the GNotes2's display. Plugging into a 64GB external microSD card into it, you will carry a 80GB device walking around loaded with your music/HD videos/pictures etc.
The battery can last me a whole day on LTE with weak cell strength and 3+ hours of screen time.

Are you getting one? I am having fun with mind for sure.

Oh yes, Facade runs greatly on this new champion phone.